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Book a private coaching regime with Vasundhara Vee online via Zoom or Skype. Each session is one hour long and focuses on detailed vocal development. 

The method is equally useful for Rock, Blues, RnB, Pop, Bollywood, Indian Classical and Folk Styles of singing. 


- Booked by advanced students who have already studied the regime
- Booked by singers for preparation for auditions, tours or important studio sessions.

Voice Recovery:

- 10 session plan.
-Booked by singers with vocal strain, vocal nodules who need close attention and retraining. 
- ENT consultation mandatory. 

Pro Course : 1 month intensive

- 4 weeks, 12 hours of Study + Private time
- Tight 5 member group of professional singers. Intensive study and deep application practices.
- Designed to transform vocal technique and add power, range, endurance and artistry.




Will i learn western music in this course? 
No. The sole focus is on the study of voice as a muscular system. Theory of Voice and Physiology of the Voice will be discussed contextually in classes. There will be no study of harmony or music theory. Those are offered in music courses across music schools. 

Will my classical singing get affected by the new techniques?


Most of the celebrity clients and students here are from the Indian Classical Traditions.
Vasundhara Vee's vocal technique is neutral. It is based on the study of the body. It's just like how a Hip Hop Dancer, a Kathakali Dancer and a Sportsman will still go to the same physiotherapist to correct the use of their muscles and joints. 
Your voice will behave better and serve any genre you sing. Increased Mobility, Range, Vocal Expressiveness, Dynamics, Projection and Tonal Richness and Stamina are common requirements for all styles of singing. 


Do i need prior training to enroll for lessons?

Prior training is not required, but it is very important that you have singing experience and do not have trouble with pitching, rhythm and musicality. Our focus is on advanced technique and voice enhancement. The course is equally effective for self taught singers and for those who have trained in opera or Indian classical forms. 

I have had vocal Nodules. Will this course help me?

This course is essential for you if you have had vocal nodules. Most vocal lesions are due to inapporpriate use of the voice and these can be effectively corrected with vocal technique rehabilitation. 
However, you will have to go to an ENT first. Once the treatment is done and the vocal folds are looking normal, we will talk to your doctor and begin a combination of vocal rehab and retraining. A speech language pathologist will help you strengthen the voice and then the voice building activities will begin. 

Do you have classes for Rappers?

Yes. There is a separate training for rappers. Speech and singing are very closely associated. Rappers can develop a unique artistic sound that complements their writing style and encompasses their full personality. 

I am a performer and i travel often, Can classes be adjusted?

Yes. Classes will factor in your work schedule and health. However, it is advisable that the first 4 or 5 classes occur at regular intervals to get the best results. 

How do i know which Module is best for me?

If you have a vocal health issue, it is best to do the 3 month, 10 hour module. The lessons will be custom designed based on the vocal issue at hand. For vocalists who want a good upgrade and don't have any vocal damage, group trainings have proven to be very effective. 12 hours of deeply monitored study and intense guided practice sets the correct pace and challenge for vocal growth as per Vasundhara Vee's regime. 
One-off lessons are useful for those who have already studied the regime and need some troubleshooting or want to pick up a new skill. 

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